Ribbon Braided into Braid

Ribbon BraidBraids are going to be popular for a while, especially with all of the things you can do to make each braid unique in its own right. One of many looks involve taking a wide piece of ribbon and wrapping it through your braid. You get a beautiful braid, with the pretty ribbon wrapped throughout it. It is not a style you see everyday it is a more unique look.

Preparing Hair for Ribbon Braid

Make sure you start the style on brushed and detangled hair. You won’t have much luck getting the ribbon secured in hair that is tangled.

Attaching the Ribbon

Everyone probably has a way to start the ribbon portion. Since it is actually attached, and wrapped through the braid you have to secure it someway. Take a small, clear rubber band and tie the end of a wide ribbon to it. You should have the full length of the ribbon to work with and enough of the ponytail holder to wrap in your hair. Take a small section of your hair (that is going to be included in the braid – so don’t include your bangs) and wrap/secure the ponytail holder around it. Turn the ribbon so it is ready to blend into your braid.

Weaving Ribbon into the Braid

When you start braiding (regular braid here) have all three sections in your hands INCLUDING the ribbon. Start the braid (there is a tutorial on how to do a basic braid on Womenio). And try to braid with ribbon laying it as flat as possible. You get the maximum look of the ribbon when you braid it laying flat. If it folds, you won’t see much of the color from it. As your braid continues notice the difference with the ribbons color added to it. As you notice, it doesn’t even matter a whole lot what color the ribbon is as long as it is not ugly.

Securing Your Braid and the Ribbon Together

The ribbon will add such a pretty, classy look to it. When you get to the end of the braid, include the ribbon when you secure an elastic hair piece on the end. You don’t really need to do anything else with your hair. You don’t want to pull at the braid – the ribbon adds enough detail. Touch up your bangs and add hair spray if you want.

How often do you wear ribbons in your hair?

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