Jill Scott Weight Loss: 63 Pounds Down and Still Curvalicious

Results of Jill Scott's Weight LossThe recent and noteworthy Jill Scott weight loss serves as proof that even for celebrities, the key to rapid weight loss is simple healthy living. It is all too easy to ascribe a celebrity’s fast weight loss to special trainers or surgery or expensive gimmicks that regular people cannot afford. On the contrary, the sixty-three pound Jill Scott weight loss is attributed quite simply to two years of living a healthier lifestyle.

Before Jill Scott Lost Weight

Known for her amazing vocal pipes and her Billboard topping R & B music, Jill Scott has also been known for the “plus size” of the pipes on which she stood. Prior to last year, the majority of references to Scott used ‘adjective’ that described her size and shape rather than her talent.  Scott is the first to say that she will never be a “stick figure” size, but she did make the choice to get slimmer and healthier after the birth of her son.

For her female fans, Scott’s commitment to long-term lifestyle changes (rather than quick fix options) makes her all the more endearing. American women frequently find themselves discouraged by the celebrity “snap back” after pregnancy—an unrealistic recovery that can only be achieved with money and the help of paid staff.

Most new mothers are absorbed in the care of their newborns and families, and can’t devote themselves to rigorous full-time fitness regimes, to recover their pre-pregnancy physiques. This explains why women celebrate the accomplishment of Jill Scott weight loss, achieved as it was by the dint of dedication and hard work.

Behind the Jill Scott weight loss

While it is true a fitness trainer had a hand in the Jill Scott weight loss, the workout approach is not materially different from what any suburban new mom could find at her local athletic club or gym. The secret to the Jill Scott weight loss isn’t a fanatic fitness regime or impossible workout schedule. Instead, it is the result of commitment and dedication, over a period of more than a year.

Scott didn’t opt for any extreme fitness or diet fad, didn’t elect to have any surgery performed, and didn’t devote more time to her lifestyle changes than any other new mom would be able to commit. It is likely for these very reasons that Scott’s fans everywhere are so whole-heartedly cheering her success. Celebrity though she is, she is offering proof that “regular” people can achieve the same success that she has, in regard to weight and health.

Scott also strikes a common chord with her female fans. Her blossoming relationship with her young son, Jett, has amplified and enhanced her own desire to stay healthy. That is an emotion many of her fans can strongly identify.

Instead of inspiring envy or disgust in other women, Scott’s successful slim-down has inspired many to take the proven route to weight loss. Even more to her credit, the success has inspired others to follow in her footsteps and embrace lifestyle changes for themselves.

Success of Jill Scott Weight Loss

When she hit the musical jackpot in 2011 with a chart-topping album, “The Light of the Sun,” the attention of the press seemed equally divided between her music and her physique. Having shed more than sixty pounds before the album’s release, Jill Scott weight loss 2011 shared headlines with her musical triumph.

Ever gracious with her interviewers, Scott has not seemed to resent the focus on her physique, even when her weight seemed to overshadow her work as a topic of interest. She has generously shared the outlines of her fitness plan: three weekly sessions of sixty minutes each, focusing on cardiovascular fitness and strength.

And rather than relying on any specific brand of weight loss foods or diet plan, she has simply embraced the sensible plan of eating three healthy meals daily, with a couple healthy snacks during the day. This approach to health is one that anyone can follow, and the success of the approach is evident in Scott’s slimmer physique. A very simple and healthy weight loss diet we covered is summer watermelon diet.

Scott herself says that she isn’t finished with her program yet. She continues her regular routine of exercise and her sensible diet, and hopes to slim down even further! How does she do that?  She keeps realistic goals in mind, readily acknowledging that she isn’t built like Olive Oyl. Nor would her fans want her to be a stick person. The result of the recent Jill Scott weight loss is a beautiful and healthy real woman—a curva-licious mom who intends to stay healthy and enjoy life with her son.

Video update of Jill Scott’s Recent Work “Steel Magnolias”


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