A Layman’s Explanation of High Metabolism and Weight Loss

If you have looked over the claims of various weight loss products, you have no doubt seen promises associated with each one, guaranteeing high metabolism or a boost to your metabolism. Clearly there is a connection between metabolism and weight loss, but if you don’t know what the word metabolism really means, those product promises are meaningless. Here’s the low-down on what metabolism does for your body, and how it is connected to weight loss.

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The Basic Explanation of Metabolism

At the cellular level, your body functions like a factory, with every cell receiving raw materials from your bloodstream, manufacturing finished products within the cell, and putting those products to use to keep your body running. The fuel that powers your cellular factories is found in sugar, specifically the type of sugar called glucose. Your cells take glucose from your bloodstream and process it into useable energy units known as ATP (an acronym that stands for adenosine triphosphate).

If you have more glucose in your system than you need at any given time, your body is very efficient and stores away that energy in case of a future need. From a survival standpoint in the early days of our species, that was a desirable function; if you were low on food at some point, your body could tap into those stored sources of energy to keep all systems running. Today, however, that efficient storage system can work against you, because the “storage system” is comprised of body fat!

If the “factories” of your cells are running at high speed, they need more raw materials, and if they don’t have sufficient glucose available in the bloodstream, they’ll break into those back-up energy sources that are stored as fat. So if you want to get rid of body fat, the key to burning existing fat is to fire up those factories at full speed and make them hungry for more raw materials. Convince your own body to break down the stored fat, process it into energy your system can use, and you will start shedding pounds.

“Metabolism” is a word that describes the rate at which your cellular factories are firing. A high metabolism means your body is firing on all cylinders and the energy factories in your cells are tearing through their available supplies. If your metabolism is low, your body might actually be socking away extra energy in the form of fat, because your cells aren’t working fast enough to use the raw materials that are available.

Leveraging High Metabolism to Help with Weight Loss

Now that you understand what “metabolism” really means, you can see the connection between high metabolism and weight loss for women. When you need to lose weight, you don’t want your body to be efficiently storing away energy in the form of fat; you want it to be roaring away and burning that fat.

If you have been skeptical about the claims made on behalf of weight loss supplements for women, reserve your judgment for a moment and consider this fact: there are many plant derivatives and herbs that have the natural effect of firing up your metabolism, resulting in easy weight loss. You don’t need to do all the work yourself by spending hours on the treadmill, if you can give your own metabolism a boost and get your cellular factories to start breaking into those stored up energy sources that you know as fat. There are many weight loss supplements that have this effect, and truly do work in assisting with weight loss.

Maximizing Metabolism with Diet and Exercise

If you have a strong aversion to exercise, or if your health or weight actually prevents you from engaging in exercise, you can still leverage a high metabolism to burn fat for you, and you will start to see the pounds drop away. However, you will have to reconcile yourself to the fact that the weight loss will be a slower process if a dietary metabolism-booster is the only weapon in your weight-loss arsenal.

You can speed up the process considerably if you combine the weight loss supplement and boosted metabolism with some other components that will help to keep your body in fat-burning mode. Even more than exercise, your best friend in this regard can be the use of one of the many effective diet plans for women WebMD Plans. The best diets for women are not focused just on calorie cutting, but on restricting certain types of food that will put too much glucose into your bloodstream. The types of food to avoid include not only sugary food, but also foods that have simple carbohydrates, which quickly get converted into glucose when they hit your system.

Remember that glucose is the raw material that your cellular factories burn for energy, so if the available glucose in your bloodstream is too abundant, your body won’t start breaking down fat to get extra energy. There are many available diets for women that provide easy to follow directions for foods to avoid and foods to eat when you want your body to be burning its extra energy stores of fat. You won’t need to understand all the chemistry behind the food if you simply follow the instructions of one of these diets. You can check out our detailed snack list to keep your body happy while dieting and the fat burning food list.

The use of an online weight loss calculator can also be useful in telling you the amounts of calories or glucose in different foods (calculator I personally use ), the calories you burn if you add exercise to your weight loss plan, and the success you can expect from week to week. If you stick to the diet and add a good supplement that gives you a high metabolism, you can be assured of success in your dieting plans.

If you want to assess the claims of a weight loss supplement, it is a simple matter to do some quick online research on the ingredients of the supplement. Confirm that the herbal ingredients will help boost you to a high metabolism, and you’ll know you have a supplement that will work to help you lose weight.

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