Elegant Hairstyle – Beautiful Lace Braid Into Low Bun

Casual Elegance In a Braided Bun

lace braid into low bun step by stepA hairstyle like this looks great for a dressy event, evening look, or a more casual affair with or without accessories. This is a very elegant hairstyle either way. Add a simple, but pretty flower to it to make it even more classy. This style takes your basic bun and adds a whole lot more interest to it; definitely not your librarians bun. Buns are so much different now – you add mini braids, large braids, twists, and all kinds of things to them to add interest and create lots of hair styles from a simple bun. The model in this photo has styled her hair for an evening look.

Lace Braid into a Low Bun

Take a beautiful lace braid and join it into a low easy-going bun. For this style your hair needs to be a little past your shoulders to work. You need a couple of elastics, a little hair spray, some hair pins and a brush. It looks like this style could have the lace braid started a few ways, since there does not appear to be two separate braids in the back. We’ll show you how to do two separate braids anyhow,since it still becomes a very similar look. You’ll create two side-sections. Part your hair down the middle and section off one area as if you were going to style a side, half up ponytail. You may also want to pull the remaining hair back into an elastic so it doesn’t get mixed in with the rest of your hair.

Lace Braiding

Take the small sections from one of the sections and start a braid. One section over the middle section and once you’ve done the first criss cross, add a section from the side. Continue braiding, but DON’T add a side section when you braid down the other side. You will only grab side sections from the one side. Keep braiding along, adding in side sections from the side closest to the middle of your head. You’ll continue the lace braiding until you get to the top of your ear. At that point stop adding in side sections and go into a regular 3-strand braid until you get to the end. Put in an elastic.

Start braiding on the other side. Get your 3-strand braid adding side sections in as you braid along. Again, continue braiding down to the top of your ear. Then stop adding side sections in and continue braiding the rest of the way down. Secure with an elastic.

Starting the Low Bun

Gather the two braids together and add them with the remaining hair. It looks like she’s taken two separate sections, wrapped them around separately and pinned them in place. This isn’t a typical wrapped around itself kind of bun. Wrap the one section of hair and pin it against your head with hair pins. Take the next section of hair and wrap it around the first section and pin it in place with hair pins. Finish with a little hair spray to tame any flyaways and hold your hair in place.

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