2 Easy Ways to Create Sultry, Carefree Beach Hair

Beach hair is sort of a sultry look for soft, messy waves. They don’t have to be sultry, but it’s fun to make them that way. You can get your hair to have beach waves a couple of different ways. We’ll present you a photo do it yourself tutorial, and 2 written guides to help you achieve this stunning look.
Step by step beach waves
Beach waves look the best in hair that is a few inches past the shoulders. If you have some natural wave in your hair, that is helpful. If not, that is okay too. Get some curl-enhancing mouse from the store. Spray your hair lightly with water just until it is damp. Put a little bit of the curling mousse in your hair and tip your head upside down. Get the mousse all the way through your hair, gently scrunching a bit as you go. You could even start with a touch of coconut or olive oil so there is a barrier between the mousse and your hair for extra softness.

1. Take a blow dryer with a diffuser and gently scrunch your hair. This should just take about 5-8 minutes. For added fun to this look, the model is wearing a hat. If you like hats, go for it! Not a baseball cap though. This is meant to carry the care-free, beach look. Grab your sunhat that is not as likely to give you hat head.

2. Another way to get beach waves is to use a large, 1″ curling iron. You’ll want to put on a heat protecting spray on your hair to protect a little from the heat damage. Separate your hair into sections, starting from one side to the next. Take a section in the front of your hair and wrap it around the barrel. Hold for about 10 seconds depending on how well your hair holds curl and how long it takes to form the curl. You don’t want to hold the barrel over your hair for too long – it’s not healthy for your hair.

Gently unwrap your hair from the curling iron and start another sections. And again, about 8-10 seconds. Repeat the steps all the way around your head. These are messy curls, so you are not after perfection. You are looking for very soft, loose waves. If your curls came out wavy, but overly defined, tousle them a bit. Otherwise move them a bit until they are where you want them to be. Spray your hair with a little finishing spray.

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