Creative DIY Hairstyle: French Braided High Ponytail

Who says a ponytail has to be boring and school-girl like? This hair style shows you how to turn an ordinary ponytail and pull it up into a more sassy looking style. This hairstyle looks great for an every day style, office, or running around doing errands. You might even be able to pull this style off going out for dinner since it has the hair bump at the crown, giving it some extra style. Your hair needs to be a little past shoulder length to create this style. Even if your hair is layered a bit you can still pull this off.

Step by step hairstyle instructions

You need a comb (or rat tail comb), and two elastics for this style.

Doing the Braid

Separate part of your hair just beyond your bangs in back until just a few inches above the back of your neck, pulling it out of your way for now. You may even want to clip that section off to the back for now. Start at your bangs with a French Braid. Take three sections of hair and cross them over each other adding other side pieces in from both sides as you continue braiding down the side. You’ll braid around the side of your hair on down to the end continuing with the French braid. Continue the French braid about halfway across the lower part of your back and secure it with an elastic. You don’t have to finish with a regular 3-strand braid.

The Hair Bump

This is where you add some sophistication to the style. Take out the section from the top and get a comb, or a rat tail comb. Around the crown of your hair, do a little back-combing to this section of your hair. Be careful how you backcomb, you don’t want a puff of hair, you want the added volume that comes with it. Once you have it back combed to where you have a touch of height, pull the French braid up a little and the backcombed sections together and secure the two sections with an elastic. Now take a section from the ponytail and wrap it around the base of the elastic to start creating a hair wrap. Wrap it twice to make sure you have the elastic well covered and then pin it under the hair below the elastic (to conceal it.) Finish with a little hair spray if you want.

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