Stunning DIY Hairstyle – Side French Braid into a Bun

This French braided look carries a bit of elegance to it. Surely it’s the way the braid goes off to the side and lands in a bun that is accentuated by all the loops from the French braid. This style works on hair that is a little past shoulder length or longer. In order to create this style, you’ll need two strong arms (it takes a few minutes to do braids like these), an elastic, and a few hair pins.

French braid into a  bun step by step tutorial

Starting the Side French Braid

Grab a section from the top, side of your bangs. Begin with three sections of hair and start braiding them. This is a French braid with larger sections braided in, so it will have a less defined look to it. Keep adding side sections in from the top and the bottom of your hair. You’ll notice the the sections are very tall, but they’re somewhat wide too since this is a thick braid.

Keep braiding all the way across along the bottom of the back of your head. When you get to the back of your other ear, start closing your French braid with a 3-strand braid. Continue braiding to the end and secure with an elastic.

Making the Braided Bun

Start wrapping the braid around itself and continue wrapping until you run out of hair. Tuck the elastic and hair below it under and begin putting hair pins in your bun. When your bun feels secure, spray a little hair spray to hold it in place.

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