Top 10 Funniest Shocked Animals GIF Collection

Shocked animals gifsAfter the success of our baby gifs collection (Special thanks to stumbler’s good taste) , I’ve decided to collect my favorite shocked and surprised animals gifs, they are pretty funny.

Again gifs are a kind of picture videos and the whole page loads in a minute with weaker connections so please be patient and enjoy this cute collection of funniness.

Create titles for each GIF in comments and I’ll edit the post later with the best ideas.

Scared bear cub

Omg what are you doing#3
Shocked kitten#5
Veteran cupcake dog#6
dat shell#7
Who are you#8
mirror cat#9
The party is over#10
Surprised baby red panda

Special thanks to gif creating tools and sites like forgifs and senorgif. Titles left blank intentionally feel free to name your favorites in comments, will edit the post with your ideas later. Share and enjoy!:)

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