Double Ponytail Updo Hairstyle Step by Step Tutorial {8 Pictures}

Finished double ponytail updo hairstyle

This style will take up any length you have so it is better if your hair is a little past shoulder length. You want to start this look on detangled hair. This style can be casual, but can easily be dressed up to look fairly elegant. It’s somewhat up to the wearer and the occasion as to how formal or informal the occasion is. Once you get the hang of how to do the hairstyle, it shouldn’t take long. You’ll need a couple of hair elastics and any decorations you’d like to add to your hair.

Basics – Starting with the Ponytails

First step

Start one ponytail halfway up on the side of the hair. Secure it with an elastic. Start another ponytail towards the middle of your hair and secure it with an elastic. This ponytail should be positioned just the way it would be when you put a low ponytail in your hair. Grab a few more hair elastics, you’ll need the extra elastics for the next two steps.

Adding in the Loops

Second step

Third step

Fourth step

Take one of the hair elastics. Take your top ponytail holder and scoop your hair up like you’re going to pull it all the way through, but stop a third of the way through. Secure it in place and then grab a second section of hair from the same ponytail. Repeat the same step creating another loop and making sure it is secured in the elastic. Get another elastic to get your last two loops in or finish your last two loops with the same elastic if you have any room left. You can mess with the positioning of them a little bit to make sure they are how you want them to look.

The Second Set of Loops

Fifth step

Sixth step

Grab another hair elastic and start making your first loop towards the right. Your next two loops will be a little to the left of the first one. You’ll have to adjust the placement of them a little bit to make sure they look the way you want them to. Tug at them a bit to fan them slightly (if you want) and soften the look a teensy bit.

Seventh step

Finished double ponytail updo decorated with flowers

Once you have all of the loops in and tugged to perfection, get a hair accessory that matches the occasion you are wearing this updo to. We had it with lovely flowers. This is the step when you make this hairstyle casual yet nice, or make it really elegant.

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