12 Hilarious Baby GIFs That Will Melt Your Heart

Throw away your antidepressants, these cute babies will make anybody smile with their innocence and honest expressions. We’ve collected the all time best gifs from the internet to make your day. Be patient GIFs are super sized so it might take some time till they fully load, but it’s worth every second. Special thanks to 4gifs, gifbin and senorgif.

Surprised Baby
Surprised Baby GifTasty Lemon
Baby tastes lemon gifNinja Dad
Ninja dad cute baby gifBaby’s reaction to cold water
Cold water vs baby gifPlaying with sleeping baby’s arm
Playing with sleeping baby's armOMG Fireworks
Fireworks baby gif<O RLY Baby
O Rly BabyCutest baby ever posing with kitten
baby and kitten posing gifTwins
Real twins gifOhh I don’t know…
I have no idea baby gifSrsly GTFO Baby
srslz gtfo baby gifAnd my personal favorite the spoon catcher.
Baby tries to reach spoon gif

That’s all the 12 cutest, most heartwarming baby gifs floating on the internet. If you laughed at least once, share it and brighten up your friends day. New GIF post at Top 10 Funniest Shocked Animals check it out.
excited little girl


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