Low Fat Cheesy Burritos with Hummus Recipe

Admittedly, burritos is a favorite quick dish for everyone. But how many times can you eat the standard burritos without getting sick and tired of them? And also, how many times can you eat burritos and keep your pants size the same? Well, don’t worry about that I present you my own personalized low fat burritos recipe! The following is my new version of an all time classic that will keep you satisfied, slim and healthy. How does that sound?

First, let’s take a look at the ingredients, as they are resting unsuspecting on my kitchen table:

Ingredients on the table for the recipe

There are tortillas, of course, and there is cheese. Well, not exactly. For this recipe you could use a cheddar type cheese, that will give you this lovely hot, melty texture. But if you are lactose intolerant or vegan, then you can use a lactose-free or vegan cheese. They look and taste as cheesy as the real deal! What do you think the cheese in the picture is? (hint: I am vegan)

And then, there is this bag with these strange little pieces in it. This is a soy substitution for minced meat. Feel free to use any kind of minced meat you like, or even a steak, chopped up in little pieces. This way, the burritos will be more appealing to meat lovers, but it will take a while to digest, especially if you use regular cheese. No matter what combination of substitutions and regular products you use, this is a dish full of protein that will take you through the most demanding day.

Of course, indulging into your burrito does not mean that you will not eat your greens! You see the Brussels sprouts there, at the background? Well, it is true that most of us have horrible memories of boiled, mushy, bitter sprouts, that we tried to cover up with mashed potatoes or casually feed them to the dog, when no-one was looking. Poor sprouts are so misunderstood! Those little super heroes are full of vitamin C, vitamin K, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances. As they are rich in fiber, they help keeping cholesterol levels low. Isn’t it a shame not to give them a chance, just because of childhood trauma? Who would have thought, that our mothers have just been cooking them the wrong way. Roast them! Roast them and they will transform to a crunchy, sweet and spicy delicacy. Very addictive too, if I might add.

And then, there are some beets, causally resting in their bowl. If you are pregnant or if you are recovering from an injury, beets will help you stay strong, as they contain folic acid. Folic acid is taking care of the production of new cells. Beets are just a delight to look at. The pigment that gives them their bright, deep red-puprle color, betacyanin, is responsible for their cancer prevention qualities. Just make sure that you protect your clothes while you are cooking with beets, because their juice stains. It might be even a good idea to wear gloves, while handling them.

Now that you know most of the important information, let’s get started (there is still a small surprise to come!)

Ingredients (2-3 people):

-A bunch of fresh spinach (about 200 grams)

-A package of pre-boiled beets or a can of beets

-500 grams of Brussels sprouts

-250 grams of minced meat or 1 ½ cup of dried soy meat substitute

-1 lemon

-6 garlic cloves

-1/2 cup olive oil

-3 or 4 shallots or one big regular onion

-3-4 tbsp mustard (I like the ones with seeds in them)

-1 can chickpeas

-1 packet of tortilla wraps (you will need 3-4)

-6 Cheddar-style cheese slices or cheddar-style substitute


Step 1. Wash the Brussels sprouts. Wash thoroughly, as those little cute things grow directly on the ground and tend to keep quite some dirt between their leaves.

Step 2. Cut the bottom part of the sprouts, as it is harder and also, to make sure that none of these unseen soil bacteria will end up in your dish.

Step 3. Pour olive oil in a baking tray (it can be metal or glass, it does not make a difference). Cut the Brussels sprouts in half and put them in.

pic for step 3 of the recipe


Step 4. It’s time to cut the beets in small pieces. Tip: Use some baking paper to cover your cutting board, especially if it is wooden, otherwise it will be stained with the beet juice for a very long time. And having blood-like stains on your kitchenware is not really appealing. Now mix the cut beets with the sprouts and with your hands massage the olive oil into all the little pieces. Using spoons instead of your hands is also a possibility, but then you are never sure if the olive oil has spread evenly. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and put in the oven at 220C (425F, gas mark 7) for around 30′

prepared ingredients

Step 5. While the sprouts are baking, you can start the adventure of making your own hummus from scratch! Yes, you can actually make this delicious, cream-like spread on your own, saving tons of money. The only equipment you need is a food processor (if you do not have one, you can even use a fork to mash and mix. It takes a while, but it is totally feasible). Just put in the food processor the chickpeas, a tablespoon or two of olive oil, the juice of half a lemon, and 2 garlic cloves. Add salt and pepper and mix. Done!

ingredients and instructions to prepare hummus


Step 6. Time to prepare the filling of the burritos. First, chop up the shallots and the  remaining garlic cloves. You can do that with the food processor or by hand, but make sure that they are not too mashed. Then, saute them in a pan or pot with the remaining olive oil.

Step 7. If you are using minced meat, you can just lower the heat and add it in the pot. If you are using the soy substitute (like I do), boil some water and add water and soy with a 1:1 ratio in the pot. In both cases it should take around 15 minutes for the filling to be fully cooked. If you are curious about the taste of the soy substitute, it tastes like chicken. In this step, feel free to add any kind of spice you like. Salt and pepper of course, and then some soy sauce, nutmeg, coriander, sweet paprika… Anything you like. Be creative and experiment.

Step 8. Now it is time to fill your burrito! You can put the ingredients in any order you like really, just make sure that your soy substitute is not watery. If it is, drain it, otherwise it will soak your wrap. What I like to do, is to put the humus first, as it helps everything else stick together. Then I add some spinach, as it gives a fresh taste and an interesting crunch. It is also rich in calcium! Then I add the filling from the pan, some mustard and -while the filling is still hot- I add the cheddar-style substitute, to make sure that it will melt nicely.

burritos before baking

Step 9. Check your oven. I think your beets and Brussels sprouts are ready. Am I right? Then take them out of the oven and prepare for serving!

I wrap my burritos in different ways, but as I love this filling and I try to stuff in as much as I can, I casually fold them in half and eat them with knife and fork (you cannot really grab them as a sandwich, things start falling of). So you can serve on every plate a gorgeous half-moon (a.k.a. Burrito) and a ton of the oh-so-pretty roasted vegetables. I was so impatient to eat this thing, that the first photo is all steamy.

Then the steam was gone and I did a very precises cross section for you, to enjoy the melty insides of the soon-to-be-famous Cheesy Burrito with Hummus. Enjoy!

Served meal

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