Make Your Nails and Makeup Fun for Winter

Yes, it’s cold outside and that means dry skin for some women. You may have to change your makeup products to accommodate the weather. But you can still have a lot of fun with your nails and your makeup. Right now it’s trendy to be more decorative with nails. Lots of women are putting cartoon characters, floral designs, rhinestones, and other decorations on their nails. It creates lots of opportunity for creativeness and expressing yourself even  through your nails, of all places. Some stores carry kits that help you do this, while others have to be purchased separately. What ever way you get the tools, you will have so much fun doing it! And you’re going to get lots of compliments – it’s a given.

Funny nail art mustaches on pink

Have you ever wondered how you would look with a mustache? Probably not. But this is a more fun way to wear one and “girlify” it. These mustaches are everywhere right now – on tee shirts, coffee cups, and now there is a way to decorate your nails with them as the hand model here did. And these are easier than they look.

You’ll need to find a store that carries all kinds of nail decals. Paint your nails in a soft pink color. Once your nails dry you’ll use the mustache decals. They’ll most likely be stickers that you carefully put into place on your nails. Either that, or you’ll be using a stencil kit that has a mustache cut out. Then you would need a black art nail polish pen and you’ll fill in the stencil to create the mustache. Cute, huh?

Polka dots nail art example and tutorial

If you like polka dots, you’ll enjoy this nail polish manicure. You need silver nail polish and a couple of nail art polish pens. What these are is instead of them having a regular nail polish tip they have a precise tip with a certain point on it to get the look you want on your nails. It starts with a coat of silver nail polish covering the nails. Let that dry. Get a nail art polish pen in pink, orange, and lime. You’ll want to start with one color, dip it in, and just add a dot to the same areas on your nail. One key thing is to remember to let the polka dots dry in-between adding more. This way you don’t mess up your manicure before you finish it. The silver is a great backdrop for the polka dots.

Funny leopard print nail art example and tutorial

A Little Leopard Print for those Who have a wild side notice the colors this nail model used. She’s got blue’s mixed with purple’s, green’s mixed with yellow’s, and pink with orange. You’ll need the four or five different colored nail polishes. You’ll also need stencils or a steady hand with nail art polish – which ever one you feel more confident using. Start by painting your nails with the multi-colors. Take the first color and polish it lightly, not worrying about clean edges. Pick your second nail color and apply it from the uneven nail application to sort of help the colors blend. Then start the third color. Don’t worry about making the lines clean, that is what will help give your nails a blended look.

Then, let your nails dry. Now go for your stencils and the black nail art polish. Put on the animal print. They could also be animal print stickers. Let your nails dry and put on a sparkly coat if you want. Rock that animal print!

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