4 Easy Steps to Planting Beautiful Flowers Indoors in Vases

Indoor tulips growing in vasesWho says you can’t enjoy beautiful flowers during the winter months? Whether you want to brighten up your home during the cold months of winter or you simply want to bring a bit of the outdoors inside, planting bulbs in vases is an excellent way to enjoy beautiful flowers in your home all year through. This is a relatively easy way to plant and you can transplant your flowers outdoors once warmer weather comes in and start all over again with new bulbs.

Types of Flowers

There are many flowers that will grow well indoors. Many prefer tulips simply because they look good in vases and are very easy to care for. You can also choose to grow chrysanthemums, lilies, miniature roses, carnations and gladiolas in vases if you wish.

What You Need

You will need to choose the bulbs that you want to grow. Pick up vases at your local home decorating store or anywhere that sells them. You will need to use glass containers so that you can check the progress of root development. Choose vases that will be wide enough to accommodate the bulbs and tall enough to support the flowers when they begin growing. You may also want some glass stones or marbles to place inside the container just to give it a more decorative look.

1.) Begin by filling your glass vase about 1/3 full with whatever decorative stones or marbles you have chosen to use. Remove any withered or brown areas of the bulbs by snipping them off before you begin planting.

2.) Place the bulb inside the glass container, on top of the decorative stones. You need to put the root side down so the pointy end should be facing upward. Place a few stones around the bulb so that it is well supported but do not completely cover it. This will help to prevent the bulb from floating away when you add water.

3.) Add water but only to the very bottom of the bulb. You do not want the water to cover the bulb; you simply want it in the bottom of the container so that the roots can grow in. You will want to keep the flowers in a warm area that will be 70 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. Do not place them in direct sunlight. Before your flowers can handle direct sunlight they will need to establish shoots. This can take between two weeks to two months depending on the flower types that you are planting. Watch your bulbs closely so that you know when it is time to give them direct sunlight.

4.) You will need to add water as needed to keep the water level from going under the bottom of the bulbs. You will probably only need to add water a couple of times for the first week or so. Once the flowers are ready, simply transplant them outdoors or you can just leave them in the vase if you want and enjoy them in your home.


  • Andy says:


    Thanks for the nice article.
    Could you please be so kind as to also explain if I need to apply any fertilizers to make the flower blossom, or it will be enough if the flower has sunlight and water?

    Also, can i place in direct sunlight after the shoots are pretty stgong ( after the bulb has grown for 15cm or so)

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