10 Fun and Creative Homemade Easter Basket Ideas

Easter time is filled with bright colors, warm weather and of course, candy. Those baskets filled with chocolaty yumminess are simply too much to ignore. If you have children, those baskets can also be a bit expensive and it always seems so hard to find the right combination of toys and candy that will make little ones happy. Instead of spending hours in the stores looking for the perfect basket, why not just consider making your own? We have collected a few nicely put together Easter baskets to give you an idea of just how easy it is to surprise your family with homemade goodies this Easter. If you want to get into crafting we have a nice DIY Easter crafts post.

1. Baby Basket

DIY Baby Easter basket idea

So babies don’t really eat candy and if you buy a basket filled with chocolates and other sugary treats, you are just going to eat them yourself, right? Instead of sending yourself into sugar shock, just put together an adorable baby basket like this one. You will just need to find a basket or a suitable toy and fill it with all little things that your baby will enjoy. Via Naughtysecretaryclub.

2. Toddler Basket

Toddler Easter basket

Okay, so toddlers do like candy but we certainly don’t want them going into sugar shock. Instead, grab a basket, toy bucket, toy dump truck or whatever you can find that your little one will enjoy and fill it with smaller toys and healthy snacks. Your toddler will love it and you will be able to avoid the “too much sugar” issue.

3. Personalized Basket

Personalized Easter basket

Make Easter extra special with a personalized basket. These are really easy to make and you can use premade baskets or sand pails. Just stencil in the names or cut them from foam sheets and glue them on. Then fill up your baskets with goodies that are handpicked especially for your little ones.

4. Boys Basket

Boys Easter Basket

Hot Wheels are certainly going to thrill your little man. If he is a fan, or if he likes anything else, simply fill the basket with gifts centered around his passion. You can even fill plastic Easter eggs with small Hot Wheels cars and really make his basket special.

5. Girls Basket

Girls Easter Basket

What little girl doesn’t simply adore Barbie? Fill a store bought basket with Barbie dolls, clothes and other trinkets and add a few healthy snacks. This is a beautiful idea for your little girl and one that she is sure to love.

6. Creative Basket

Creative Easter Basket

If your little one enjoys creativity, simply fill the basket with crayons, coloring books, stickers or whatever he or she will enjoy. The point of making your own baskets is to have the choice of what goes in them. Be creative yourself and choose things that will really make your little one smile on Easter morning.

7. DIY Basket

Diy Easter Basket

You can even make the basket that your goodies are going to go into. Foam sheets are very inexpensive and can be glued together to make adorable baskets. Then simply cut out shapes from other colors and glue them on. You can completely personalize the basket and save yourself a lot of money in the process. Via thriftyfun.

8. Bunny Pail

Bunny pail Easter basket

Take an ordinary plastic pail that you can get for about $1 and use foam sheets to cut shapes and make it completely unique. You can be as creative as you want and put together an amazing basket for just a few dollars. Fill it with your little one’s favorite things and you are certain to be a hit. Via CCMall.

9. Ribbon and Bow Basket

Ribbon bow Easter basket

Creativity should run wild when you are constructing your Easter basket. Use ribbons and fabric to create a beautiful basket. This can be done by simply gluing fabric over an existing basket or you can use just about anything to make the basket base. Just choose colors and patterns that are going to match what you put inside and you can tie it all together with inexpensive shrink wrap to make it look professionally done.

10. Mom’s Basket

Mothers Easter basket

Who says Easter is just for kids? Moms (and Dads) enjoy Easter baskets, too. If you have an adult on your list then you can simply put together a basket that is filled with things that they like. Add a nice bottle of wine or you can choose flavored teas and coffees or anything you want. These are great for giving out at the office or for anyone special.

Ready for more? Diyncrafts features 25 unique Easter baskets here.

Making your own Easter baskets can be fun and rewarding. Not only can you save a small fortune, you can have a good time doing it. Just be as creative as you want and choose things that you know they will love. Images credited and Pinterest uploads.

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