That Adorable “Bow” Hairstyle You’ve Seen Your Fave Celebs Wearing

You’ve seen Lady Gaga and lots of other celebrities wearing this hairstyle. You’ve probably seen it on regular people at all kinds of places because it is a loved hairstyle and leaves others wondering, “How did she do that to her hair?” You’re going to get a pretty good idea of how to do it. Imagine having a cute little bow on your head made from your own hair. It doesn’t have to stop at a ponytail either.

To get the hair bow style pictured, you need hair that is a little past the shoulders to get a nice bow. If you have that here are the step by step instructions to achieve this stunning style.

1. Pull all of your hair into a high ponytail, brushing it as smoothly as possible, but instead of securing it as a ponytail with an elastic, you’re going to pull your hair through another time halfway.

2. Take the hair and start separating it into two sections.

3. Take the loose ends of your hair and take them over the middle of the bow and tuck them under a bit, pinning in place with hair pins.

4. Now you’re going to separate the two sections of hair and fluff them a bit. Use a little hair spray to help set it. You have a hair bow made from your own hair!

Step by step hair bow creating process

Picture Instructions: Beautyleash


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