Top 12 Funniest Animal GIFs That’ll Make You Chuckle

Third Gif compilation is out, we’ve targeted the funniest and cutest animal moments now. Please be patient Gifs take time to load fully. Enjoy! Thank you dear Stumblers for getting us viral on StumbleUpon we hope You’ll enjoy this pack also. The content will be visible only after it’s fully loaded please wait it’ll be worth!:)

Please don’t take my ball.

Noo this is my ball

You can’t touch me.

You can't touch me



Kinky dog – AKA the real chick magnet.

Kinky dog

Dog mastered cat fight.

Dog mastered cat fight

Hello I’m Human – Nice to meet you Human I’m Dog.

Hello I'm Dog nice to meet you

Kissing rabbit.

Kissing rabbit

Yawning duckling.

Yawning duckling

Motivational lion.

Motivational lion

Evil potato.

Evil potato

Yawning sloth – (I yawned instantly after I saw this).

Yawning sloth

no touching the dog sir4GIFS, Senorgif, and GIFbin for doing such a good job at creating these. Share, Like and Stumble us if we’ve made you chuckle!:)

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