35 Bizarre Yet Effective Quick Beauty Fixes

Looking beautiful does not have to take a lot of time or a lot of money. There are many things that you can do to fix beauty mishaps or quickly get the look that you want. We have collected 45 strange but very effective beauty tricks and fixes that will help you to always look and feel your absolute best.

35 Bizarre but Effective Quick Beauty Hacks

1. Makeup Smudge Fix

If you have problems with eye makeup smudging, you can simply dip a Q-tip into Vaseline or makeup remover and go over those smudges to remove them. This allows you to quick fix your eyes without having to completely redo all of your makeup.

2. Greasy Hair Fix

If you notice a greasy look along your hairline and you do not have time to completely wash and dry your hair, you can simply dip your largest makeup brush into loose face powder and touch up those greasy areas. Just remove the excess powder and then dust those greasy roots. Your hair will look clean for the rest of the day.

3. Flushed Face Fix

Working out, lying in the tanning bed and even just going to work on a hot day can give you a very flushed look. To remedy this you can take Benadryl. If exercise normally turns your face red just take a Benadryl right before you head out to the gym to combat the flushed look.

4. Callus Fix

Calluses are not only unsightly, they are uncomfortable as well. To remove them simply spread Vaseline on them right before you go to bed. Add a pair of white comfy cotton socks and those calluses will dissolve while you sleep.

5. Broken Nail Fix

If you have broken a fingernail, you do not have to file it down and wait for months until it grows in again. You can fix that broken nail with just a touch of Super Glue. Just dab the glue right on the split and once it dries, cover it over with nail polish. This will keep the nail intact until it grows out a bit so you can file it without losing the length.

6. Lipstick Stain Fix

Most women know that red lipstick simply will not come off without leaving a stain. Instead of scrubbing your mouth raw to remove that stain, just add a bit of makeup remover using a Q-tip and it will erase the red look quickly.

7. Wild Eyebrow Fix

If your brows are not cooperating and tend to have a bit of dandruff, you can remedy this problem by simply applying a light amount of eye cream. This keeps the brows hydrated and they will stay in place.

8. Smoky Hair Fix

Whether you smoke and want to cover up that smoky smell in your hair or you simply want your hair to smell as luscious as it looks, you can spray just a light spritz of perfume into the bristles of your brush before you begin your morning hair routine. This keeps hair smelling great all day.

9. Dry Skin Fix

There are certainly many skin lotions on the market that claim to give you softer skin but nothing works better than a raw avocado. Just remove the skin and mash the ripe avocado. Apply the mashed fruit to your body and leave for about 20 minutes. Rinse off and you will have super soft skin for days.

10. Self-Tanning Streak Fix

If you use self-tanners and you have noticed a bit of streaking, there is a fix for that as well. Just apply baking soda to a loofah or wash cloth and then scrub the streaks away.

11. Cold Sore Fix

Cold sores are painful and ugly and often take weeks to clear. If you know that you are getting a cold sore, you can just pat a bit of Aquaphor or another thick moisturizer on the area and it will prevent the cold sore from worsening. This helps it to clear up quickly and you avoid that unsightly blistering.

12. Zit Fix

If you notice a new pimple, just add a dab of toothpaste – just enough to cover it. Let the toothpaste dry for about 15 minutes and rinse away. It will absorb the oil that caused the pimple and help to erase it.

13. Crumbly Eyeliner Fix

If your eyeliner tends to crumble at times, it can cause your makeup routine to be a bit frustrating. To remedy this problem, just freeze your eyeliner for about 15 minutes before you use it. This will keep the tip nice and firm so that it applies perfectly.

14. Sachet Fix

If you don’t really want to invest in fancy sachets, you can use soap instead. If you have pretty bars of soap that you just cannot force yourself to use, just place them in your dresser drawers and they will keep your clothes smelling wonderful.

15. Messy Eyebrow Fix

Messy eyebrows can easily be combed with a dry toothbrush. Just keep a spare for your eyebrows and mist it with hairspray to keep those eyebrows beautifully tamed and flattened.

16. Dull Lash Fix

If you want to add a bit of sparkle to your eye lashes, you can add just a dab of Vaseline. This gives you a sexy, sultry look without having to pile on too much mascara. Just comb the petroleum jelly through your lashes, being careful to not add too much.

17. Dry Spot Fix

Diaper rash lotion is excellent for healing up those ugly dry spots on your feet and elbows. Just add a healthy layer of diaper rash ointment to those areas and watch them clear up overnight.

18. Pasty Skin Fix

If you are not a tanner or you just want a bit of bronze to your otherwise pasty skin, you can make your own self-tanner by using ordinary hand lotion and a bit of bronzer. Just mix a quarter sized amount of bronzer with a bit of lotion and smooth on your legs and arms for a gradual self-tan.

19. Shaving Lotion Fix

If you run out of shaving lotion, all is not lost. You can use hair conditioner to shave your legs. The conditioner softens the hairs so that they are much easier to remove and helps to lubricate and soften your legs as well.

20. Scar Fix

Scars can easily be faded by using a plain raw potato. If you have scars from acne or any other incident, just cut a medium sized potato in half and rub one half on the affected area. The juice from the potato contains enzymes that can help to clear scars.

21. Blotchy Skin Fix

If your eyes or any other area is puffy and blotchy, you can use tea bags. Just steep a green tea bag for a couple of minutes and once it cools, dab the bag on those blotchy areas. Tea contains antioxidants that will help to alleviate inflammation and take away those puffy eyes.

22. Oily Skin Fix

If you have oily skin problems, Milk of Magnesia works wonders. Just apply a bit using a cotton ball to your face and allow it to dry. Do this after your normal cleansing routine to remove excess oil and your makeup will go on much smoother and look better all day long.

23. Dull Hair Fix

Vinegar is an excellent remedy for dull and lifeless hair. Just mix four parts of carbonated water with one part plain white vinegar and soak your dry hair for about 15 minutes. Shampoo the vinegar solution out and then style as usual. You will notice a beautiful shine and you can do this several times each week if you want.

24. Chlorine Effect Fix

Blondes do have more fun but not when chlorine interferes. Swimming and otherwise spending too much time in a chlorine environment can cause treated blonde hair to look a bit green. You can remedy this problem with ketchup. Just apply to your hair and leave for about 20 minutes. Rinse out and the ketchup will neutralize the green coloring from chlorine and beautify your blonde.

25. Sensitive Skin Fix

If you have ultra-sensitive skin, towels can irritate your face. Instead of using a towel, simply dry your face with toilet paper. Toilet paper is soft and is very delicate so you can avoid that scratchy feeling.

26. Dull Skin Fix

If your skin is looking dull, which can happen a lot during the winter months, you can use an egg white mask to fix it. Just separate the yolk from an egg and then apply the white to your face. Eggs contain proteins which are very good for your skin. Leave on for about five minutes and then rinse with clear water to restore the moisture to your face.

27. Tired Feet Fix

You can instantly rejuvenate your tired feet with Epsom salts. This is a particularly good fix for those who spend lots of hours on their feet each day. Just soak your feet in about a quarter cup of Epsom salts and a gallon or so of hot water and enjoy until the water turns tepid.

28. Hair Static Fix

If you have fly-away hair, you can use dryer sheets to tame it. Just open up a fresh dryer sheep and run it through your static-prone strands. Not only does it help to tame those fly-aways, but it will give your hair a wonderful smell throughout the day.

29. Old Lipstick Fix

If you have grown tired of your current lipstick shades and you really do not want to invest in a few new tubes, you can customize your own shade using your old lipsticks. Just melt them together and create the look that you want. Take the lipsticks out of their tubes and place them in a glass bowl in the microwave for just a few seconds to melt them. You can store them in small tins and use them like lip balms.

30. Sunburn Fix

No one wants to get sunburned but sometimes it cannot be helped. If you have a sunburn and you want a very quick and effective remedy, take a bath in tea. Tea contains tannins that will stop swelling and take away the pain from your sunburn. Just steep your warm bath with a few black tea bags until it looks fairly strong and soak away.

31. Puffy Eye Fix

As strange as it may sound, Preparation H is great for your eyes. If you have puffy eyes from lack of sleep, allergies or any other reason you can just rub a tiny bit of hemorrhoid cream on them to relieve

32. Chafed Skin Fix

Milk is good for you in many ways. It can even help to relieve chafed skin. If you have those unsightly bumps after shaving or you have sunburn or poison ivy, just soak a clean cloth in cold whole milk and lay the cloth on the affected area.

33. Dry Feet Fix

Dry, itchy feet can be unattractive and very painful. Raw oats can fix this problem. Oats contain lipids and proteins that help to decrease dehydration. Just add about two cups of oats to some warm water and soak your feet for about five or ten minutes.

34. Stinky Feet Fix

Nobody likes stinky feet and if you have this problem, you can just use regular deodorant to take the smell away. Deodorant can also help you to avoid blisters and will create a bit of a barrier against the moisture and sweat that normally causes the stink in the first place.

35. Blackhead Fix

You can purchase those little strips to remove blackheads but if you have a bottle of regular Elmer’s Glue then you don’t have to. Just add some glue to the area that has blackheads and allow it to dry. Then just rip those blackheads away. This trick is used on red carpets by models everywhere.

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