80 Brilliant Organizing and Storage Solutions for Your Entire Home

80 Awesome Amazon Storage Products that will Change Your Home Life Forever

Storage can be a real pain, especially when it isn’t just you in the house. No one likes clutter and no one like having to dig through drawers, cabinets and boxes just to find that one item, so all you need to do is buy smart. These 80 storage products can literally change your life around as you make use of space you never even knew you had!


Stackable Spice (and Anything) Rack

Maximize cupboard space with this extra shelving unit – it’s so simple but oh so necessary. And you can use this for anything from your herbs and spices to your medicine cabinet, cosmetics or even craft supplies.

Spice Rack Stack

This little unit holds up to 30 regular-sized spice bottles within three shelves that actually tip out so that you can pull out each bottle with ease. It even includes labels so that you can label what’s where so that you always know where everything is.

K-Cup Holder

This is the perfect de-cluttering unit for all you coffee-lovers that doesn’t suck up any of your usable kitchen space. It fits underneath your cabinet so that it stays out of sight (but never out of mind, I’m sure). Installation and mounting is very quick and easy.

K-Cup Drawer

This K-cup storage drawer is better for the serious coffee drinkers because it can hold more cups than the previous one. You can actually buy two to stack one on top of the other if you really want to, and you can even rest the coffee machine on top of these little drawers to keep everything close.

Tray Rack

Instead of stacking all your cutting boards, cookie sheets and oven trays on top of each other in a cupboard somewhere, you can use this simple and sturdy rack to slide them right in. It makes it so much easier to grab the think you want!

Kitchen Wrap Stand

If you’re looking to save some space in your kitchen cupboard then this little stand is perfect to keep your plastic wrap, aluminum foil and wax paper together. Now your wraps won’t be falling off your shelves, and you’ll be able to see exactly what you have or need.

Under Shelf Basket

In many cases, when you stack things in a cupboard, there’s a lot of wasted space directly below the shelf. This wire basket hangs in that exact spot so that you really get to utilize all that room. This is perfect for a pantry, but you can use it in other areas, too, for example to stack printer paper in a home office.

Slide-Out Tower

The slimness of this slide-out tower means that it perfectly utilizes otherwise unused space. You can slip it in between the fridge and cupboard to store your condiments, or it could even work in the garage, bathroom, laundry room or any other area that has limited space.

Hanging Utensil Rack

Instead of tossing everything into a drawer and wasting that space, you can hang all your utensils on the wall so that they’re easy to grab and use. This 12-piece set actually includes the utensils, so it’s great value for money!

Door Rack

This sturdy rack can be mounted to a wall or door to give you some extra storage space in your pantry. It’s perfect for rolls of foil, plastic wrap, spaghetti, bags of chips or any other narrow items that need a place to sit.

Plastic Bag Dispenser

I like to store and reuse plastic shopping bags, but I’ve never really had a good system in place in terms of storage. This dispenser makes it so easy to simply pull one out when you need it, and mount it to a wall or shelf with wither double sided tape or some screws.

Pan Rack

I have quite a collection of pans, and I just store them all in a big drawer. This makes finding the one I need an annoying battle, since I have to lift them all up and dig around. This rack is the ideal solution to my problem since each pan gets its own little spot, and sliding each one in and out is just so much easier.

Tiered Corner Shelf

This secure stainless steel shelf fits perfectly into a corner, adding two extra tiers of storage space. I usually shove things into a corner so this is actually perfect for me. You could also use one of these in the bathroom to set your razor, soap, shampoo etc.

Magnetic Knife/Tool Bar

These magnetic strip bars are quite popular because not only does it give you additional storage space, but it makes it easy to quickly grab the one you need and it actually looks really cool to have your knives hanging against the wall like that. You can also use this in the garage to hang your tools.

Wine Rack

A wall mounted wine rack saves a lot of cupboard space, and I like to have my bottles on display, in any case. You can safely fit in nine bottles with this rack, it looks nice and it’s easy to install. What’s not to love?

Under Cabinet Stemware Rack

Instead of packing your wine and champagne glasses in a cupboard, keep that cupboard for something else and hang your wine glasses under a cabinet where the space is otherwise wasted. Not only does it look sophisticated, it makes it so very easy to grab your glass and get sipping.

Kitchen Organizer

You can fit this steel contraption in your cupboard to store your plates, cutting boards, Tupperware lids or baking sheets. Thanks to this simple device, you won’t have to digging through an unorganized pile to find that one item you need.

Can Organizer

Rather than stacking your cans on top of each other, this rack allows you to store them vertically – you can simply set it on the floor of your pantry. As soon as you grab the front can, the next will simply to the front. You’re also not limited to cans, though, you can stack other boxed goods and jars.

Adjustable Cabinet Shelf

This little contraption gives you secondary shelf space in your cabinet so that you can stack things above the regular items. The adjustability comes in stretching it out further from side to side, so it can fit a large cabinet and really maximize on storage space.

Pull-Out Pot and Pan Rack

I’m a sucker for anything that slides out because I really find it is the best way of utilizing space effectively. This rack is a dream come true for me since finding my cookware will no longer be a struggle, and the adjustable hooks mean that all shapes and sizes can be accommodated.

Wall Mounted Kitchen Caddy

This sleek caddy mount on your wall and can hold your most-used spices, condiments and silverware. There and three slots for knives, and the four hooks give you space to hang other utensils, pans or dishtowels.

Fridge Bins

If you have a big family, fitting all the groceries into the fridge can sometimes be a bit of an issue after a big shopping haul. These bins help to organize and store things better in both your fridge and your freezer – they are easy to stack and slide, so you get to use up more space.


Makeup Storage

If you’re a lady who loves to experiment and play around with makeup then you certainly need a clever and tidy way to store and organize everything so that it’s all visible and reachable. Tossing everything into one bag or basket just won’t cut it anymore!

Hair Dryer and Iron Holder

You can fit these into your vanity cabinets to keep your hair dryer, curling iron and flat iron neatly packed away and actually make use of that wasted space. It’s a very simple way to declutter your sink or counter. Just be sure to take some measurements before purchasing, though, because the cabinet must be 24” wide or more for this to fit in.

Over the Door Towel Rack

If you don’t have a good place to hang your towels, then this little rack gives you instant storage simply by hooked over your door; it does also come with brackets so you can mount it to your wall if you prefer.

Nail Polish Holder

All you nail art fanatics may need something clever like this! The design is very simple – the tiered levels and clear plastic ensures that the bottles are visible so that you can see exactly what you have. It’ll hold up to 40 standard-sized bottles.

Toilet Roll Holder

This toilet roll holder and dispenser is sheer genius, in my opinion. The hook fits over the cistern so you needn’t drill any holes into the wall, and the fact that you have space for a second roll right there is what makes this so clever.

Standing Toilet Roll Holder

If you don’t like the idea of the roll hanging from your toilet, you can get this stand instead. It dispenses one roll and holds another three – very convenient. It’s free standing and rather durable, so it won’t fall over unless bumped really hard.

Hanging Shower Organizer

I haven’t always been a fan of those metal shower caddies because they usually take up too much space. This mesh one, though, is brilliant because you can just hang it over the rail so that it doesn’t get in your way.

Hair Appliance Stand

This caddy can hold your blow dryer and hair iron neatly in one spot, and since it’s heat-resistant, you don’t have to worry about melting it with your hot appliances. It takes a small amount of space so you can keep it on your bathroom counter or keep it in a cabinet.

Over-the-Faucet Shelf

If you don’t have a bathroom cabinet then you may find all your toothbrushes, toothpaste and other toiletries strewn around the sink, not only wasting space but making you bathroom look cluttered, too. This little shelf can be placed right over your faucet so that it makes use of normally unused space.


Bedside Caddy

If you’re the type who likes to read on your Kindle in bed at night, go through emails or just browse the internet on an iPad or tablet, then this bedside caddy is the perfect place to hold your electronics and gadgets. The strong grip simply slips under your mattress so that it hangs within arm’s reach.

Boot Holder

All women know that flopped over boots are a no-no. Sure, you can roll up some magazines or newspapers to shove in there, or, you can use a designated boot holder that won’t take up much more space that the boots themselves.

Hanging Shoe Holder

My shoes tend to get flung around the floor of my cupboard so that finding a perfect pair is more like a scavenger hunt! This hanging rack offers the perfect storage since you can see everything clearly, and it even has compartments for boots! If you’re a scarf-hoarder like I am then you can also use this to store those.

Carousel Organizer

This multi-purpose carousel organizer can store just about anything from shoes to purses, clothes, toys, crafts and other accessories within its five shelves and 40 pockets. The swivel hook means that you can spin it around to access any item quickly, and since it’s made from a breathable fabric, nothing will get ruined.

Men’s Over the Door Organizer

This is the ultimate in the organization and storage of hubby’s things. With 43 hooks and seven compartments, all his ties, belts, keys, hats, watches, accessories and whatever else can be stored safely and easily accessed.

Wonder Hanger

If you find that your clothing shopping has gotten a little out of control (it’s ok, it happens!), you may be struggling to find enough closet space to keep everything tidy. This awesome hanger manages to give you more space by adding vertical room for your precious items to hang.

Drawer Organizer

Like most people, I tend to simply toss all my underwear and socks into one chaotic drawer, making it impossible to find anything specific. These organizers make sure that each item has its own little compartment, making it much easier to see what’s there.

Boot Hanger

If all your many boots are taking up way too much space in your cupboard (and always folding over) then this is just the thing you need! Not only does the hanger save space in your cupboard by hanging your boots vertically, but it’ll also keep them protected.

Belt Hanger

This clever design lets you hang all your belts by the buckle without any overlapping. It also rotates so that it’s even easier for you to see what you have and reach the belt you want. This can even be used to organize ties and necklaces too!

Mirror Jewelry Cabinet

This might just be my favorite of the lot because it’s just so clever and functional! The mirror opens up to reveal storage for your jewelry, and since you’d want to look in the mirror to see how you look with that specific necklace or pair of earrings, it really is the perfect placement.

Loop Scarf Holder

I love the idea of being able to hang all my scarves in my closet so that they don’t take up too much space. You can hang at least 18 scarves in here if you stick to just one per loop, but there are larger loops so that you can double up too.

Adjustable Closet Rod

This is perfect for increasing your closet space since you now have a second bar that’s lower down for shorter items of clothing. The bar is adjustable so you can set the height wherever it works for you – and the fact that it simply hooks onto your existing bar just makes it so easy to set up and use.

Dual-Sided Closet Organizer

This organizer has 23 pockets on either side for you to store just about anything from underwear to pantyhose, jewelry and even electronic devices. It only uses a small amount of space in your closet, and the clear pockets make it easy to quickly see what’s being stored.

Tank Top Hanger

If you have lots of tank tops that are taking up way too much closet space, you can eliminate a whole bunch of hangers with this one multi-hooked hanger. It’s perfect for practically anything strappy, from dresses to bathing suits, strappy dresses, bras and even scarves.

Bed Risers

Underneath the bed is probably one of the most common places to store things since the space is unused and you can hardly see the mess under there. These bed risers will elevate your bed 5.25 inches higher so that you actually get more space down there to store even more items.

Jewelry Box

This jewelry box is full of compartments, drawers and pouches that can house all your necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings in one tidy little holder. And when you go on holiday, you can simply close it up and take it along with you, as is.

Cosmetics Organizer

This unit can store your entire makeup collection in a neat and tidy way; the material is durable, and the fact that it’s clear means that you won’t be wasting time rummaging about trying to find things. The drawers can be used for either more makeup (if you really have a lot), or you even store jewelry or toiletries.


Stroller Organizer

This waterproof bin can attach to any stroller to give you convenient storage for any drinks (cup holder), snacks, valuables (zippered pocket), keys, phone and whatever else you need to keep close by when out with baby.

Toy Hammock

This pet net offers you such a clever way to store your kids’ stuffed animals, dolls and other toys. You can put this up in any corner so that your little one can still admire their happy toys, but keep the floor free of them; plus, it looks really cute!

Bath Toy Holder

As we know, kids love to play with their toys in the bath, so here’s a little something to keep all those bath toys stored safely.  When your little one is done playing, you can use this contraption to scoop up the toys and let them air dry as the hang from the wall.

Kid’s Travel Tray

This soft yet durable tray fits over most car seats and strollers to give your child space to color in, play and even snack on. The side pockets offer that much-needed storage of your tot’s other activities, juice bottles etc. This really is the answer to keeping your child busy and happy during a long trip.

Fold-Up Mat

This huge play mat is an absolute dream. When your kids want to play with all their small Lego pieces, toy cars or action figures, they can play on the mat so that no pieces get scattered all across the house. The best part, though, is that, once done, you simply pull the drawstring and the play mat becomes a bag that stores all those toys. Tidying up has never been this easy!


Compartmentalized Trunk Organizer

If you struggle with grocery bags sliding all over the trunk of your car after a big haul then this durable organizer is the perfect solution. The two end compartments are cooler-style so your frozen and cold items will be safe, and it folds up neatly and quickly like a little accordion when not in use.

Another Trunk Organizer

This sturdy trunk organizer is smaller than the previous one and so will be perfect for smaller-sized cars. This is better suited for storing supplies, tools, and whatever else you transport, although it can, of course, also act as a grocery bag holder.

Back Seat Trunk Organizer

This mesh organizer hangs over the back seat so that it’s very easily accessible from inside the car. If you’re going on a long drive, it’s the perfect product in which to keep your kids’ toys, books, tools, towels and really just anything else that gets accumulated in a car.

Multi-Purpose Car Hooks

These metal hangers hook over headrest so that you can hang practically anything from grocery bags to handbags, gym bags, jackets and whatever else you can think of. This is a much better way to store and organize your things, rather than tossing everything on the back seat.

Car Caddy

This clever little car caddy slips in between your seat and will not only catch whatever you happen to drop down there (yes, it happens to everyone, all the time!), but it also acts as a little storage compartment for keys, your phones or anything else.

Back Seat Tray

This tray is mounted on the back of the front seat so that back seat passengers get a place to store items and work from. You can keep an iPad or laptop in there, some notebooks, pens, documents etc. This travel companion also folds up when not in use so it really doesn’t take up much space.

Back Seat Kids’ Organizer

If you’re taking your kids on a long drive then you can be certain that they’ll need to bring along some supplies, like snacks, water, toys, books and who knows what else. This one also clips over the back of the front seat and is a great way to keep everything neat and tidy without creating a mess all over the floor.


Battery Organizer

Instead of having a bunch of batteries rolling around in a drawer, this neat little organizer keeps each one safe in its own little compartment – this way you can see exactly what you have an what you need in a quick glance. The bonus is the battery tester which, well, that’s self-explanatory.

Vinyl Garment Bag for Wrapping Paper

With all the birthdays that seem to be going on all year long, I make sure that I never run out of wrapping paper. If you want to keep yours safe from getting torn or squished, use a bit of creativity and store them in a clear vinyl garment bag like this so that you can see exactly what you have and how much.

Shelf Divider

This shelf divider has a multitude of uses from storing blankets, sheets and towels in your linen closet, to organizing books, handbags and even clothing. The hooks at the bottom simply slide and lock over a shelf, so installation is super quick and easy.

Portable Tool Tower

This tower is absolutely perfect for gardening and other tools – you can fit 40 of them on here! And funnily enough, you won’t need to use any of your unorganized tools to assemble this unit. This wheeled cart is also extremely sturdy, so it won’t be falling over any time soon.

Packing Cubes

This truly is the ultimate in travel storage. Instead of having to dig to the very bottom of your bag to find that one item of clothing, you can now organize and pack each cube accordingly, for example, all your pants go in one, all the sweaters in the other, and so on. Absolute genius!

Stacking Bins

These can be used to store absolutely anything, anywhere. And I really mean anywhere! You can keep this bins in your bathroom under the sink, in the kitchen, in the garage, in a bedroom… the list goes on! When stacked, these versatile and sturdy bins give make use of that vertical space which is usually underutilized.

Ribbon Organizer

This wall mounted unit is perfect for a craft room – it has two dowels from which to hang your ribbons and craft tape so that it’s all very easily accessible. You also get two hooks so that you can hanging a pair of scissors and perhaps some scrap pieces.

Handbag Organizer

You must have seen one of these handy little contraptions before – it allows you to perfectly compartmentalize everything in your bag so that you don’t have to dig around like a crazy person every time you need something. It also makes it really easy to transport all your things from one bag to another.

Hardware and Craft Cabinet

These mini drawers are perfect to store all your little bits whether they be hardware-related (screws, bolts, nails, washers etc.), or craft-related (buttons, thread, needles, beads, paper clips etc.). Little things always seem to get lost, so this really is an ideal solution.

Gift Bag Organizer

I like to keep and reuse gift bags because, well, who doesn’t like to save money? The clear pockets make it really easy to see what you have in there, and it’s not just for gift bags alone – you can also store wrapping paper, ribbons, bows etc.

Packable Hanging Shelves

I don’t know about you but the one thing I hate about traveling is all the packing and unpacking. This awesome luggage packable shelf can be filled with your clothes and then once you get to your destination, simply pull it out and hang it in the closet. No packing, no unpacking! Brilliant.

Iron Board Holder

I don’t know about you, but shoving an iron board in a cupboard not only wastes the entire cupboard space, but it’s a bit of a safety hazard because it falls out unsuspectingly. This holder can be mounted on a wall or hung over a door, and it neatly hangs your board and stores your iron all together.


This heavy duty elastic bands offer creative wall storage. The mountable discs can be mounted to practically any flat surface so that you can secure all types of objects, like pens by your desk, sponges on the kitchen wall or toothbrushes to the bathroom wall.

Overhead Storage Hanger

We’re so used to stacking and storing things against walls and on the floor that we forget about all the available space overhead. This adjustable overhead storage hanger can be mounted to a ceiling beam or rafter in your garage or basement to open up a whole new world of storage.

Organizer Cart

This multi-purpose cart can store a whole range of items from tools and hardware to documents, but I really want to highlight its use as craft storage. Avid scrapbookers, especially, will love this unit because the drawers are big enough to fit 12×12” craft paper.

Spinning Media Tower

If you have a large collection of CDs, DVDs, games or even books, then this storage unit could be a real godsend. It can spin around fully so you really get a lot of storage space without taking up too much physical space in your house, and the shelves are adjustable so that you can fit a variety of sizes.

Over the Door Hooks

This rack of 11 hooks can be fitted over absolutely any door to hang absolutely anything that needs to get out of the way. You can hang it by the front door to keep umbrellas, coats, hats and bags, in the bathroom for towels, in the garage for tools etc. Its versatility really is a great advantage.

Ottoman Storage

I like it when regular items give you hidden storage, like this ottoman. You can sit on it or put your feet up, but when you open it up, you get a huge storage bin for anything from cushions to magazines, toys or whatever you need to keep out of sight!

Clock Cabinet

I have to say, this is pretty genius – a clock that opens up to hide small valuables! There space in there isn’t huge so don’t expect to store a lot, but it’s perfect for a few small items. And who would ever thing to open up a clock?!

Pet Box

Keep all your doggy’s toys and leashes (and even food) neatly in one place in this adorable bone-shaped box. It actually offers a lot of storage space and closes tightly so that he won’t be able to get in there and make a mess.

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