Two rope side braids into a high half up

side braids half upThere are lots of popular hair styles from the hit show, Make it or Break it. One of the big things about the show is the girl’s hair. The hair is always styled super-cute and fashionable for going to the gym along with other things they do. Here is one of the looks.

Your hair needs to be brushed out and shoulder length or a little bit longer. Part your hair with one side having more hair, and section off the side with the smaller part. It may be easier to pull the rest of your hair out of the way for now and clip it.

Starting the Twist

Lightly spray the section with water a little (that may make it easier to do the twist). Take two small sections and twist one piece over the other, picking up a side piece and continuing with the twist. Twist again and then pick up another side piece and do another twist. Continue taking side pieces and twist as you go. Once you get to the end of your twist secure it with a ponytail holder.

Start your other twist at the center of where you parted your hair. Again, spray lightly with water if that helps. Take two sections and start twisting picking up a side piece and adding it into another twist. Then do another twist and pick up a side piece again. Keep twisting and adding side piece continuing with the twisting pattern. Again once you get to the bottom of the twist secure it with a ponytail holder.

Take not quite half of the remaining hair on the top of your head and pull it up kind of high on your head. Leave the rest of your hair down. Add your twist braids to the half up and secure it with an elastic. Comb your half up and your overall length of hair down. Spray a little hair spray to tame any fly aways.

Have you ever worn your hair in twists? What do you think of this style from Make it or Break it?

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