10 Amazing Examples of Everyday Miracles

Sometimes the simplest act can change a life. Miracles happen every day and earthly angles can make a huge impact. Small acts of kindness can completely restore someone’s faith in humanity and instantly change their circumstances for the better. Here is a look at some people paying it forward.

Former homeless guy tracks down his helper.

fb motivational story

Helping out a man in need, lovely story.

Act of kindness

Random stranger giving back the iPad he just found.

lost ipad given back

Athlete helping out injured competitor

athlete helping out injured athlete

Dry-cleaner helping out unemployed people.

Helpful drycleaner business

Free books

Bookshop owner giving away books for free

Japanese mentality

Japanese volunteers

Policeman handing new shoes to a homeless guy

policeman buying shoes for homeless guy

Stranger risking his life to save stuck car on railroad.


And finally the amazing story of Ted Williams (Golden voice homeless man).


  • benjamin says:

    Miracles? I don’t think any laws of nature were broken here. Although I guess it does seem like being kind and considerate is against the nature of our species most of the time.

  • Miracles aren’t actually real, of course, but these are very nice examples of human kindness. Of particular bravery is the Japanese pensioners offering to take on radiation! That takes great bravery indeed, especially given what can happen to you in severe cases.

    So a nice example of human nature this Friday evening! Thanks, I’ll make sure I perform a good deed over the weekend.

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