15 Specific Smoothies for Naturally Beautiful Skin

Getting the most beautiful complexion begins on the inside. In order to enjoy gorgeous glowing skin, you have to mind what you eat. By ensuring that you are getting certain vitamins and nutrients, you can give yourself the beautiful skin that you want without having to spend a fortune on lotions and potions. We have collected 15 very effective smoothie recipes that will handle those acne, wrinkle and other skin issues that you may have and these smoothies taste great, too.

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1. Yummy Coconut Pear Smoothie

Coconut pear beauty smoothie

This smoothie uses hemp milk which is a great substitution for dairy milk. Dairy products tend to irritate the skin, at least in some people. This recipe avoids dairy and gives you the skin benefits of coconut and kale.

• ½ cup of hemp milk
• ½ cup of coconut water or coconut milk – whichever you prefer
• 1 medium pear
• A small handful of kale – you can substitute spinach if you prefer
• 2 tablespoons of hemp protein powder
• ½ teaspoon coconut extract – this is optional
• About 4 or 5 ice cubes

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