Want to know what kind of hairstyles are going to be in vogue for 2013?

Since there are a lot of options when it comes to short hairstyles 2013 is when you should finally pick out the style you want to stick with. If you are considering cutting your hair or just want a refreshed look for your already short hair, then 2013 is going to be the year that you can have the freedom to do whatever you want . Although for some years, the styles that are in trend seem to be limited, next year does not seem to be one of those years. Not only will the hairstyles work for teen-aged girls, but also women of all ages. Get ready to head to the salon and cut off a lot. From boy cut styles to bobs, and straight to curly, short hairstyles are hotter than ever.

What will be the most popular hairstyles for 2013?

blonde girl demonstrating a boy cut hairstyle
It looks like a great year for boy cut hairstyles, or pixie cuts, for women. Fashion is heading more and more each year towards the woman on the go. With the hectic schedules that most women nowadays have, with work, school, kids, and your home life, sometimes spending more than a few minutes on your looks can be almost impossible. With pixie cuts, there is almost no maintenance. You can style it differently everyday and with little use of hair products, it will look great. Short hairstyles for older women next year may be lots of pixies. This is because it allows you to stay in fashion with little effort. No matter the length of your current hairstyle, choosing to cut your hair to a boy cut length will be dramatic, and give you the attention you have been looking for. Before choosing this cut, however, you need to think about the shape of your face, and how much hair you want left on the top and in the front. A pixie cut that leaves a lot of hair on your face will give you more volume and cover up your forehead, if that is what you prefer. Boy cut short hairstyles in 2013 are not all that is expected to be seen, so if pixie cuts are not for you, do not worry, there are plenty of other options.

The classic bob style looks great on almost everyone, and for 2013, you can expect to see even more women wearing the trend. However, there will be more freedom on how the bob is worn with different lengths, styles, and textures to the hair. A bob can be worn anywhere between the ear and the chin, and for 2013, the choice is yours. Depending on the texture of your hair, you can also play around with the style of bob. For women with thin hair that needs more volume, a blunt bob cut may be best. The techniques used to cut this hairstyle adds more volume to the top of your hair allowing to spend only a few minutes each day on your hair before leaving the house. Especially, for women with naturally curly hair, finding the right short hairstyle is crucial in maintaining your hair. You can them leave the hair messy or unorganized, and it will look perfect because the length is not too long. For bob short hairstyles, also think about the type of bangs that you want. You can choose straight and full or sweeping bangs for most of the bobs, it just depends on your face shape and your personal preference. We’ve already covered the 2013 long hairstyle trends if you’re looking for trendy long hairstyles.

Both pixie and bob hairstyles are classic looks that you can never go wrong with, but by the turn of the new year, you will have the freedom to experiment a little more than in previous years. Short hairstyles are becoming so trendy because they look great on women, and offer a sort of freedom from the traditional long styles. Bangs, bangs, and more bangs are going to be part of the short hairstyles in 2013. Pony bangs are full bangs that cover all of your forehead and can be various lengths. A lot of celebrities are seen with this style of bangs because it covers up certain imperfections. Blunt bangs are also a choice, which add volume and more interest, but may not work for all women. Sweeping bangs look amazing with almost any face frame, as well as with most short hairstyles. If you want a style that is unique, then consider having very long bangs with the rest of your hair being very short. This may not work for all ages, but adds an edgy look. Simply by adding bangs, you can dramatically change the look of your hairstyle. Be sure to add layers into your new short hairstyle that you choose. Layers can do several positive things for a women, but are sometimes more challenging to style on a daily basis. If your hair is thin and fine, then layers may help by making the hair look for fuller than it truly is. A layered look that is still user-friendly to the woman on the go is short hair in the back, and then long layered hair in the front. This allows you to spend less time styling, but adds much more interest around your face. Messy hair is also coming back, so take advantage of those layers, and style is the way it wants to lay, and then just add a little product for it to keep its hold all day.

Brown haired lady with rounded blunt bangs

In short, the popular hairstyles for 2013 will likely be:

  • Pixie Hairstyles
  • Bob Hairstyles
  • Pony Bangs
  • Blunt Bangs

Figuring out which short hairstyle you want.

Before you cut your hair, find pictures of short hairstyles for women or just try one of these haircut simulators online. Try to imagine the hair on your head. Look for pictures with women who have the same face shape that you have, and the same type and texture of your hair. Especially for women with long hair, going short can be hard to do. However, the time it frees up, and the more youthful it can look, may be just what you need. It is not so much about having the exact hairstyle that everyone else has, but having one that looks and feels great on your head. All the short hairstyles you’ll be seeing are not so cookie cutter, but instead are looking to be based around different lengths and textures. Get ready for dramatic short hairstyles on women of all ages because that is what 2013 is going to be all about.

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