10 Delicious Low Calorie Smoothies and Drinks

Watching your fat and calorie intake does not have to mean boring meals and snack. In fact, just the opposite is true. If you are dieting, watching your weight or simply like to ensure that you are putting the healthiest ingredients into your body, this does not mean that you cannot enjoy an occasional smoothie or a great drink that tastes delicious. It simply means that you need to choose recipes that will help you to stay on track. Here is our collection of 10 great tasting and great for you drinks and smoothies. To make these drinks and smoothies, just add everything together in the blender and process unless otherwise noted. Other smoothies and drinks you’ll love: 10 metabolism booster smoothies, 25 fruit smoothies, 15 fat burning smoothies.

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1. Frappuccino

Low fat frappuccino

Why yes, you can enjoy a Frappuccino even if you are watching your weight. This frap recipe is low calorie and low in fat so you can have one every day and still stay within your allotted calorie intake if you are dieting. You need:

• 2 Tablespoons of instant coffee
• 2 Tablespoons of fat-free vanilla flavored powdered coffee creamer
• ½ cup of fat free milk
• About 10 ice cubes

This delicious frap has just 90 calories per serving and absolutely no fat!

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