6 Special Things to Do with Your Man

Sure you enjoy just hanging out and spending time with your man. You go to eat lunch together and probably go see movies. But there are some somewhat unique things you can do and places you can go and enjoy something different with one another. You may start to share some of your hobbies – especially if your hobby is where you both met. Connecting on another level is one great reward for doing something out of the ordinary from the usual things you do together.

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Declaring Your Feelings through Love

Tattoos. They are very popular and they are a cool way to show your artsy side. Not to suggest going out and permanently marking yourselves together to “declare” your relationship. But if you have ever heard of henna, you can get a temporary symbol of your relationship that only lasts a few weeks. Henna is very classy looking and you get a variety of designs with it. Go to a professional together. You’d have a great time and if you bring your camera, you’ll have more than one memory to show for it: a temporary tattoo and photos from the day you got it.

Wine Tasting

Heading to a brewery may or may not be the newest way to spend time together as a couple, but it is fun. Endless wine at your fingertips; maybe you’ll discover a new flavor of wine that you both love. Find out where all of the wine breweries in your area are and taste all the wine you can get your hands on all the while experiencing it as a couple. Maybe you’ll even learn a thing about the other ingredients added to your favorite wine.

Learn a New Language

If you have ever wanted to learn a new language, consider taking it with your man. French is considered the language of love, but it doesn’t have to be French. Talk to him about it and ask if he would like to learn another language with you. You both could have a lot of fun with this. For instance, if you get to a point in your relationship where you are serious and you are with his family or vice-versa, you could be saying something in the language you two have learned together and no one else knows what you are saying.

Discover a Restaurant Together

Have you been eager to check out a new restaurant that just opened up? Take him to try out the place and the food. It is lots of fun to try out new food or try food that is cooked a different way. Or it could be a restaurant that you new as a child that just opened up in the area that you can share with your man. Create a memory with him by sharing this restaurant you know about with him. The food may even taste different because you are experiencing it with him as an adult. It will be a blast of fun to experience a new taste of food and a place where you grew up with a man you care a lot about. What a way to add to your relationship and strengthen it while having fun.

For the Extremely Adventurous

There are people with personalities that go to extreme limits to have fun. One form of this “fun” is skydiving. Sky diving takes a lot more courage to do than going on rides at an amusement park in many cases depending on the person. You do have to have the budget for skydiving and you have to know the resources to get it set up. But if this is something you are interested in, talk to your man about it and get his take on it. Maybe it is not something either of you are up for doing, but not every couple can say they went skydiving together when things were just starting to get more exclusive in their relationship. Probably not a good idea if you are terrified of heights – skydiving will throw that at you. But if you are looking for that unique thing to do together and you are super-adventurous – skydiving could be your activity.

Go on a Dirt Bike

Now this sounds crazy, but talk about having a blast! Since most people don’t have dirt bikes or ATV’s (all-terrain vehicles/4-wheelers), you may need to rent or borrow two from someone you know. Or even do this with a small group of people. It would be an awesome adventure – something neither of you have done before. Yes, the idea is to find more ways to connect with your man. But you will do this and or similar activities you explore together. A great thing about trying out all of these activities is never getting bored of one another, learning more about yourself and your man, and growing your relationship. Not to mention all the fantastic memories and stories you get to tell friends, loved ones, and your own kids should kids be a part your future together. It is great to try new things and explore things in your life.


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